Natural Grotto Waterfall Builders

Do you love spending time in the tropics and want to bring the tropics to your backyard? A Grotto can transform an ordinary pool into a Tropical Paradise, by giving your pool a terrific look alongside the harmony of a natural looking waterfall, Grottos can influence you to feel like you’re on vacation. Elite Pools & Landscaping offers a variety of options to create the perfect grotto that will take your new pool to a luxury level, contact us today at 888-557-8161.

Grottos make a Perfect Addition to Swimming Pools

Grottos can turn your home into the place to be for all the neighborhood children especially when we add a waterslide to your grotto. Your children will have a fabulous time swimming under a waterfall and get their creative energies going, jumping from the top to see who can make the biggest splash, or hiding inside during some Marco Polo games. Put the kids to bed after a long day of fun and the adults can enjoy the grotto for a more private place to relax and unwind in an intimate setting with beautiful LED lighting and some fire coming out of the rock work.

A grotto might be the best swimming pool auxiliary that the family will appreciate. Elite Pools & Landscaping has been building the best swimming pools grottos since 1990,