We Build Amazing Rock Waterfalls

Experience the real specialization of Elite Pools & Landscaping with rock waterfalls, grottos, caves, and custom hidden water slides. These highlights are incredible additions to any pool, using natural rock boulders that are shaped into natural looking waterfalls, we create a peaceful atmosphere with the sound of naturally flowing water. Grotto style Slides are a good time for the whole family and can be made to look like a natural lagoon while hiding the slide in the rock work. Once we add the LED lighting to your waterfall and a fire feature you will be amazed at the transformation of your new backyard. We can integrate a fire pit next to the rock waterfall for a tranquil setting. Whether you areĀ located in the Dallas – Fort Worth region, Allen, Texas Area contact Elite Pools and Landscaping at 469-989-2102.

Make your Rock Waterfall the Centerpiece of the Yard

Excellent natural rock waterfalls don’t simply happen. They are not only a heap of rocks with water running over them. They are a combination of art, engineering, and craftsmanship. Water featuresĀ  should look natural and sound charming in every setting and that is the thing that our experience offers. We hand select every rock based on the desired results acquired from listening carefully to our client’s needs and wants and sharing with them our knowledge and experience. We describe water flow as a stream or down a waterfall in these three ways: sheer decent’s, random tumbling “high density” flow, or multi-layered natural rock waterfalls. Once more, experience gives the knowledge to properly guide our client’s choice and then to size the waterfall, pump and plumbing to accomplish the desired results. We build custom waterfalls and grottos in Frisco, McKinney, Allen,Southlake, Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Houston Texas and all surrounding cities. For a free estimate, please call us at 469-989-2102.