Pool Resurfacing in Plano, TX

Hire the Swimming Pool Resurfacing Experts

If your swimming pool has vast damage, cracks or leaks, then it is best to call in the swimming pool resurfacing experts at Elite Pools and Landscaping. The swimming pool resurfacing experts will give a total assessment of the pool to determine how much damage there is, how to repair your pool, and the options on different types of pool plaster, such as Natural pebble finish or Marble finishes. We will then provide a free estimate of the cost of swimming pool resurfacing, Pool tile replacement and scheduling options. Once the project has started, Elite Pools and Landscaping will first fix any major cracks then strip the old pool plaster so our team can do an extensive swimming pool plastering. We will then trowel down the new plaster to ensure the surface is smooth for swimming and walking. Once the plaster has dried, our swimming pool resurfacing experts will then check to ensure that all necessary repairs have been made and that the swimming pool is in good condition and ready to be filled with water. If your in Plano Tx and the greater Dallas area or Southlake Texas, Elite Pools and Landscaping can replaster your swimming pool at an affordable price.

Don't make the mistake on hiring a pool resurfacing company that takes shortcuts on the preparation process as this is the most important part of the pool resurfacing project. A poorly executed bond coat is the leading cause of pool plaster failures, we have seen several companies using shortcuts to pad their pockets and when it comes time to warranty the problem areas those pool resurfacing companies are no longer in business. Elite Pools and Landscaping has been doing pool remodeling and pool resurfacing since 1972 and Never takes shortcuts! For a free estimate on your pool resurfacing project call or text 469-989-2102